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The Sugarland Preset Collection

The Sugarland Preset Collection

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The Sugarland Collection
SUGARLAND is here. This collection of editing tools offers photographers quick and easy options to create moods and stories with their images.  

Green Envy- Creates unique artistic edit, adding complimentary green and pink tones.
Decadent- Rich and warm with a matte finish. 
Whimsical- Make your images creamy, dreamy and bright with this preset.
Demure- Cool tones and light fill your image.
Fresh- Bright and bold, with hints of blue tones.
Crowned- FILM style, with rich warm tones.
Effervescent- Smooths and brightens.
Starshine- Muted tones and a FILM feel.
Shadow- A soft and creamy black and white conversion.
Scrumptious- Cool, matte and clean.
Delicate- Lift shadows and smooth.

- designed and created for RAW files to be used with Adobe Lightroom 3 or Adobe Lightroom 4, 5, and cc
- not designed for Photoshop of Photoshop elements
*non-refundable due to the nature of the digital product*

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