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The Matte Preset Collection

The Matte Preset Collection

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The Matte Preset Collection
If you're looking for a quality film finish or matte look, this is your set!  We've created 8 new preset families that have you covered.  Each family comes with 3 variations of itself, so you'll receive 24 presets total.  Notice the presets are numbered 1, 2 and 3.  As the numbers increase, the film and matte qualities increase too! Make sure you hover or click on our sample images so you can see the variations within each family set. Dare to create. Now to add to your editing repertoire. You will find 24 fully adjustable Lightroom presets designed around the editing style of Munchkins and Mohawks.


Vintage Rose - Soft enhancement of your magentas and reds with those great film like matte finishes
Chalk - Your "go to" classic black and white film.
Color Pop - Pop your greens, blues and yellows.
Cool Breeze - When we say cool, think of a crisp fall breeze blowing across your image. Not too blue, just right.
White Tail - All about those beautiful filmy greens. Soft and organic.
Woodsy - Adds fill light and film qualities through basic adjustments.  Great for images shot in flat light.
Spruce - Lift you image with an old school film look that lightly plays with your yellows and green. Another great preset to use if you're shooting in the woods. This one is a little slice of glittery heaven. Warms and shines.
Creamy Dreamy -  If you're subjects are backlight in a field or beach, give this one a whirl!


- designed and created for RAW files to be used with Adobe Lightroom 3 or Adobe Lightroom 4, 5, and cc
- not designed for Photoshop of Photoshop elements
 *non-refundable due to the nature of the digital product*

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